Predecessor of our company founded in 1988,named”Jiangsu Seagull Printing Group” ,a leading manufacturer and trader of playing cards in Jiangsu Provice, with the annual output value exceeding US$200 million. We acquired the certificate of ISO 9001 Quality Control System in 1992.

Our brand “808 HANSOM CAB””888 ROSES””888 MEIHWA””727 EGRET” are the most famous brand in southeast Asia and The United Kingdom. With more than 5 share-holding factories and over 300 staffs, we are able to handle a large scope of high-quality products you are looking for. We cooperated with a series of distributors and casinos especially in Indonesia,it is our main market.

The goal of our corporation is: to ensure 100% customers’ satisfaction and 100% up-to-grade quality. Your earliest enquiries through e-amil or fax will be highly appreciated. Contact us now.

Our Purpose

Quality First and Customers are above everything else. Continuously develop our company so that we can build a good image.

Customers are the most important asset of our company. We have continuously trying to improve our product and service quality so that we could keep our customer loyalty and attract more potential customers. Within the company, we think business comes first whilst outside company, we think customers come first.

Expanding our business is the most important task.Improve our product and service quality, improve customers’ satisfaction and at the same time keep our company steady and grow healthily so that we can build a good image which is: NEXUS is a good business partner of clients from all over the world, we are efficient and truthful; we are a good family for all our employees; we are a good investment choice for all our shareholders; we are a leader in our industry and a company that has been awarded by the government for many contribution to the society.

Our Strategy and Future

Ever since China joined the WTO, more and more companies will obtain the permission to join the import and export business. In such a competitive environment, NEXUS has been putting innovation and R&D first. Whilst keeping our main business which is exporting, we are also developing our importing business.

·Use the opportunity of attending domestic/international trade show so that we can improve our promotional activities.
·Develop a major export commodities area, find more supplying channel.
·Create new co-operation methods, set up more trade branches.
·Set up the information and service network of the overseas offices.

NEXUS had kept its enterprising for over thirty years. We will keep on exploiting; innovating and deepening the reform– develop the domestic and international market synchronously, ameliorate the operation flow, align our export products more exactly, and make use of e-commerce fully. It is our target to make NEXUS develop across-the-board and finally come out top in domestic and international trade.


Brief History of Our Company

March, 1988

Predecessor of our company founded in 1988,named”Jiangsu Seagull Printing Group”

February, 1992

Rename”Jiangsu Haida Printing Co.,Ltd.”

March, 2003

We founded “Taizhou Baicaoyuan Stationery&Sport Co.,Ltd.”because of chinese enterprise reformation .

May, 2008

For improve customers’ satisfaction and service quality,we founded office in Yiwu City,close to Yiwu International Market.

March, 2016

For improve customers’ satisfaction and expanding international business value,we founded”Taizhou Nexus Import and Export Co.,Ltd.”